Hiring Dawn for Day Trips

Dawn can be hired from ABA for day trips of four hours or more. The maximum number on board at any time is 12; with two ABA crew members the maximum number of passengers is therefore 10.

Experienced canal boaters may self-drive by special arrangement with our Bookings Manager.

An occupied powered wheelchair must count as two people due to weight restrictions and there is only room to take a total of four (powered or unpowered) wheelchairs on board at a time.

Because Dawn is compact, she can be turned around in many of the wider stretches of canal, which means that you can tailor the length of your trip to suit your requirements.

Hours paid for also must include time for loading/unloading and handover.

Please note that assistance dogs are the only ones allowed on board.


To Hire Dawn

  1. Check Dawn - current availability to see available dates.
  2. Hire fees are £100 for the first 4 hours plus £25 for any additional hours or part thereof.
  3. Initially contact our Bookings Manager by email or by telephone on +44 (0)7934 926683 to negotiate mutually acceptable dates and discuss any special needs.
  4. See the Conditions of Hire HERE.
  5. Complete the Dawn Booking Confirmation form and return together with your payment as explained on the form. Note that this form can be filled in on your computer using Acrobat Reader.
  6. When your form and payment have been received you will receive full confirmation of your trip from the Bookings Manager.
  7. Shortly before your trip, you will receive final details from the Crew Manager including contact detail for the boatman or dispatcher who will meet you on the day of the trip on the wharf at Colt Hill.
  8. The ABA boatman will normally contact you before the trip to confirm arrangements and answer any last-minute questions you may have.