Dawn is our Day Boat

DAWN is the ABA’s day boat which is able to carry a maximum of 12 people including up to four in wheelchairs. Due to weight restrictions, each powered wheelchair reduces the maximum number on board by one. Our season runs from April to October.

Boarding is via a dismountable ramp onto the aft deck from where an electro-hydraulic lift gives wheelchair users easy access to the spacious cabin and accessible toilet below. Cabin windows can be rolled up to give plenty of fresh air on warm days or kept down to protect against any inclement weather. Central heating is fitted to keep the cabin warm and comfortable.

With a gas hob, kettle and mugs on board, you can make your own hot drinks if you wish and passengers are encouraged to bring their own picnic.

Stackable chairs and a folding table are provided in the cabin and may also be used for picnics ashore.

Assistance dogs are welcome on board.

Dawn's aft deck is equipped with a safety rail and is large enough for a wheelchair as well as a helmsman when under way.

There are two ways to enjoy a trip on Dawn: